keep calm sign

When children find themselves in a situation that they aren’t particularly happy with what can they do? I am thinking about the kind of situation where another person has been mean to them and they know that they want to do something about the perpetrator and address the issue but what could they do? What could they say? How would they say it? It is important that children never come from a place of anger but remain calm. If someone has done something to upset them they need to calm down first so it puts them in a more rational frame of mind. Otherwise they may say something that they will later regret. That may mean walking away and taking some deep breaths before they work out what they are going say. Calm maybe going to talk to a friend about the situation and cooling off or going inside for a drink of water before coming out into the playground again.

So what should they say? Whatever they say they need to be specific about the behaviour they want to stop rather than being vague and they need to think about the types of words they are going to use. The words need to be assertive but kind, respectful and polite. They need the other person to know that they mean what they say and own their words. The recipient will then take them seriously and hopefully won’t do or say the mean thing again. 

The Benefits To Remain Calm

Finally, they need to be aware of how the other person may respond. If the other person raises their voice your child needs to keep theirs lower and calm. Being calm in situations shows self-composure, strength of character and a feeling of control. If the other person continues to be mean then the child needs to diarise what is said and when just in case they need to speak to a teacher about ongoing nastiness.

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