These ebooks for parents provide a short sharp burst of ideas to help you with specific child-related issues.

50 Ways To Help Your Child Have Successful Friendships

We all need friends to talk to, have fun with, share experiences and be a shoulder to cry on from time to time. Without them we would be very lonely. This eBook gives parents tools to help their child make and nurture good friendships and understand how they work best.

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Helping Your Child Through Secondary School Transition

I have written this eBook because I know that secondary school transition can be a very scary experience for a child in year six. This eBook gives both you and your child plenty of ideas of how to overcome the changes that they will face being in a new environment.

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Naomi Richard E-Book50 Ways To Boost The Self Esteem Of Your Child

Not all children have a healthy self-esteem and often will need help seeing the world in a more positive light.  This eBook gives you lots of ideas to help raise the self-esteem of your child – some are common sense and others are more unusual.

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