'Welcome Back to School', child wearing mask going back to school

Returning to school again. Its a tough decision to make after Covid. Do you or don’t you send your child back to school? I know several parents who are faced with this dilemma after Covid and to be honest with you, I think the decision lies with both the parent and the child.

With any big decision you have to weigh up the pros and cons. There may be practical issues that effect your decision, so it’s important to address the issues:

  • How many hours will your child be going back?
  • How many children will be in their class?
  • What are the logistics of the school day?
  • Have any of you had Coronavirus?
  • Is anyone in your family vulnerable?
  • Do you see anyone outside the family home who is vulnerable?

The answers to these questions may influence your decision.  But it’s important to make this decision with your child as listening to them in any situation is important.

Thinking About Returning To School Again

Sit down with your child to discuss returning to school. If there are no practical problems, like having a vulnerable family member, then discuss how your child feels about it.

  • What are their fears?
  • How do they feel about going back?
  • What are they missing by not being at school?
  • What are the advantages of them going back?
  • Is it going to be better for their mental health to go back or stay at home?
  • Do they need more teacher involvement or miss their friends terribly?

Discuss these issues and work out what can be overcome and what can’t. Talk to your children and tell them how you feel about things too, then reach a decision together. If it is going to work for everyone then great, back to school it is.  But if your child is going to be unhappy or worried, then is it worth sending them?  It may be worth waiting until September, when hopefully, the world will be looking more ‘normal’.

What decision have you made about returning to school and how did you make it? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or contact me via social media.