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We are just moving into a new school term when schools start to think about what do they need in terms of personal development and life skills for the children at their school. There will be year sevens finding it hard to settle in and there may be teething problems with this year group such as behaviourial problems. It can be hard going from a small school to a much larger one with so many different personality types. There may be friendship issues happening in higher years which is a reason to bring me in and run some school workshops or it will have become obvious to teachers and the year heads who needs additional support in terms of self-esteem and confidence.

I love September and speaking to teachers to book in school workshops and of course, I love the workshops themselves. However, it is not just secondary schools that I run workshops in. I also do primary school workshops and assemblies to empower the children to feel good about who they are, inspire them to follow their dreams and get them ready for secondary school.

Why Run School Workshops?

Workshops are a great way of addressing issues across a class or year group without necessarily pinpointing children out who are causing trouble or are being left out or who are disrespectful/judgemental. The approach can be very much a blanket approach on a subject. Like a no blame workshop.

I am completely open to running any kind of workshop that a school requires and you can see more about my workshops here. In the past I have also run workshops for organisations in a kind of life coaching training capacity. Life coaching is really needed in schools and can easily be used by the learning mentors and counsellors as an extra tool in their practice. Have a read about the power of life coaching kids.

Book a School Workshop with The Kids Coach

meeting old school friendsRead more details about my school workshops for children and how to book a session for your school. Find out what teachers have to say about them and how they benefited their pupils.