secondary school

Secondary School Transition. Not an easy time and many children will have found it difficult to settle into secondary school and may still be struggling. There are many things that children find challenging about secondary school such as settling into friendship groups, coping with the work they are doing and getting along with the teachers. Starting secondary school after a pandemic was never going to be easy after a ‘rubbish’ year 6. As parents, there is only so much you can do to help your children as you can’t go to school with them. So, seeking help from the school might be necessary. This goes against wanting your children to be independent and overcome what they are finding difficult themselves. However, it might be the only way they can move forward and be;

1. Settled and happy with friends

2. Understand school work and study independently

3. Have a good relationship with the teachers


If the school does not know what the issues are for your child, then they cannot do anything for them. Simple as that. Discuss and agree with your child that you plan to speak to the school so they are aware of what you plan to do. At the same time talk to your child about what else they can do to improve things at school. What strategies could they use? Is there something that they have not yet tried? What kind of intervention can the school put in so that your child feels more relaxed at school? 

Hopefully working with the school and doing some personal development work at home will gradually improve school life and in turn, their happiness.

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