self-esteem boosting books, boy with head in bookIn my private practice I see a lot, I repeat a lot, of children who have low self-esteem. They don’t think that what they have to contribute to a conversation is worthwhile, they are scared of putting their hand up and answering a question in class, fearful that they will get it wrong and others will laugh or they just do not recognise that they are capable human beings. There are so many different ways low self-esteem manifests itself. I work with these children to challenge their self-belief and get them to take a long hard look at who they really are and help to build them up again (they may have felt good about themselves at one time but school or other external influences may have knocked them). The results are great and the parents of the children are supportive of the ideas that are suggested in the session. One thing that can also help is to get the child reading stories about other children who have felt unhappy with their life and themselves – a bit down. There are many books out there that boost self-esteem in children. The books are subtle and can make the children see how self-esteem can be boosted through reading about a character that may be like them in a similar situation.

There Are So Many Books That Boost Self-esteem

I found this wonderful article with some great books that boost self-esteem. They are aimed at primary and secondary school aged children and I think they are worthwhile investigating and sharing with your child. Books are so valuable when you are dealing with issues your children have. In my book, The Parents Toolkit there are many activities that you can use to help with self-esteem and confidence. The books also have a variety of activities that children to do so they feel strong and able.

As an alternative to s book take a look at my ‘WOW’ Board. It’s a unique but powerful tool to use to boost self-esteem.

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