Setting intentions, girl smiling

There seems to be a lot of goal setting going on in households at the moment and I am all for it. Setting intentions is key at this time and family goals are being set due to the visible issues that have appeared over lockdown and children are also setting goals for themselves. The family goals are around communication – getting the whole family to communicate better. Co-operation is also a goal, such as being more responsive and less reluctant to do chores or take whatever needs more co-operation. I am seeing such great progress with families lives improving and everyone in the household much happier because of these common goals

It is also great for children to set intentions for themselves. Goal setting gives children so many different skills (as well as keeping them busy). Skills that allow them to grow in independence.

Setting Intentions With Children

  • Get your child to think about what they really want to achieve for themselves, and get them to set a realistic timeframe.
  • Help them to break the goal down into smaller chunks so they have mini-goals to achieve. This will help them visualise progress and learn how to break tasks down. This will require focus and concentration. Time management skills will be learned as they plan when are they going to fit in the mini-goals in the required timeframe.
  • Get them to think about the organisation of reaching that goaL – what do they need for the goal? Get them to write a list of what they’ll need in terms of materials, your time, lessons, training etc.
  • Make sure they reflect on how the progress is going. Are they keeping on track? What problems have they overcome and what went well? Looking at their progress objectively will create positivity and ownership for them.

Get your children to think of a goal or a couple of goals they could aim for until the end of the school year and perhaps a short term goal too. Could they have a school-related one, a personal development one and a fun one? Setting goals can be easier when doing it with someone. If you would like our child to have a goal setting coaching session then give me a call on 07961312749.