Secondary school children in classroom raising their hands

It can take months before your child feels they are settled into their new school environment as there are many changes from primary school. Parents need to be able to help their children take it in their stride so they don’t feel overwhelmed by the new classrooms, new teachers, new subjects to learn, new people and feel the pressure to make new friends. Children will already be thinking about all these before they start secondary school, so how can parents help them so they panic less and settle quickly?

Tips To Help Children Settle Into Secondary School

Parents should try to make sure that their children settle into secondary school by communicating with them and showing that they are interested in how their day went:

  • Ask them every day about what they learnt.
  • Who did they make friends with and who did they chat to?
  • We can get them to discuss with us their thoughts about the lessons and the teachers and how they think they are coping.
  • Notice the progress your child is making. Say out loud to them how proud you are of what they have achieved in terms of independence.
  • Sometimes, school can be stressful. So, do not hesitate on helping your child whenever you can.
  • Keep the dialogue open and get them to see that their parents are there to support them and to help them until they feel that they are doing okay.
  • Let them take the lead.

Don’t assume that after a few weeks, your child is fine and that they have everything under control. For many children, they will still be settling in until half term or maybe until Christmas. There will be many worries and concerns for them, so make them aware that you are there for them. Give them lots of love and cuddles and remember it is okay for them to feel anxious.

Change and new experiences bring both fear and excitement and that’s what they are experiencing too. It may take a while for them to settle into secondary school but it will be easier if they can talk to you about their worries and problems.

Resources for Secondary School Transition

Secondary School Transition eBookA great resource for secondary school transition is my ebook called Helping Your Child Through Secondary Transition. Get an instant download for just £2.50.

If you feel your child could do with some life coaching as they settle, please do get in touch with me for a chat.

My book, The Parent’s Toolkit also has advice that can help with a smooth school transition.

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