Summer is Kids riding bikes feeling stress freehere – well the school holidays are anyway! We all want to be able to enjoy them and not get too stressed because our routine has changed. I wanted to give you some great advice on how you can achieve this and feel stress free. When I stumbled across this old blog post I thought it’s perfect…

Lynne Kenney wrote this for me 2 years ago and her advice is fab. Lynne is a family coach and is also the co-author of Bloom: Helping children blossom.

Ways To Feel Stress Free This Summer

Create a carefree attitude. I mean really, why are we still rushing? Take the time to slow down, talk more slowly, walk more slowly and just be plain silly this summer.  Summer is made for fun and exploration. So ditch the treadmill and feel carefree!

Stay on a loose schedule.
It will help you get back to school with greater ease. Your home does not have to be totally schedule-free. You can still say up and at them before noon. If you have teens let them sleep in a touch then make breakfast with them when they get up and going.

Find the time to exercise.
We added morning family bike rides to our schedule and it helped us to bond, exercise and get those happy hormones going.

Eat all the fresh food you can.
Berries, greens and local produce will add a spring to your step.

Get your sleep. Get to bed at a reasonable hour most evenings. Sleep matters tons in reducing stress.

Take a nap. Naps are really great for brain calming, so climb under those covers guilt-free.

Play outside. Rain or shine, getting out of doors is a sure way to enjoy the summer hours.

I think these ideas are great and plan to take them all on board. Which ones will you do?

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