'Don't worry be happy' written on a piece of paper pinned to a cork board

In the ever-changing landscape of parenthood, the desire to be open and honest with our children is greater than it has been before. There are things I share with my children that I know my parents did not share with me when I was growing up.  We have a very different type of relationship with our children now.

There are great benefits from sharing experiences and things about life, however, sometimes parents can share too much about what is going on in their lives and their heads. Sometimes parents can share their worries which in turn will make their child worried or fixated on something that their parent has said to them. It’s important to remember that children are highly impressionable, and sharing concerns about aspects such as sleep, exercise, and diet can inadvertently burden them with unnecessary worries. Shielding children is important.

Sleep, exercise, and healthy eating are essential components of a balanced lifestyle for both adults and children. Parents often find themselves grappling with these aspects (getting enough sleep, eating specific diets, exercising excessively), especially in the fast-paced world they live in. However, conveying these worries to their children can instill fear and anxiety in them as children model their behaviors and attitudes based on the examples set by their parents. If a parent constantly frets about not getting enough sleep, the child may develop sleep-related anxieties. Likewise, if a parent obsesses over healthy eating habits, the child might develop an unhealthy relationship with food, leading to potential eating disorders and emotional eating.

Shielding Children By Example

Instead, parents can lead by example. They can encourage a healthy lifestyle through positive actions and reinforcement. They can emphasize the benefits of sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and nutritious meals without explicitly sharing personal worries. In doing so, children will naturally adopt these practices and grow up with a positive attitude towards their well-being.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to shield children and keep them from unnecessary stress. By addressing our concerns in a discreet manner and promoting a healthy lifestyle through our actions, we empower our children to lead balanced and happy lives. Remember, sometimes the best gift we can give them is a carefree and joyful childhood, unburdened by adult worries.

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