Share your talent and passionDoes your child hide behind their talents or do they share them with other people? Being good at something should be shared and there should be no embarrassment attached. There is a way to share talent that is not boastful and you can show your children how to do it.

Share Your Talent Without Boasting

They can mention that they enjoy something and ask their friends what they are good at.  Sharing what they love and their talent with their friends helps them learn more about them. That is what friendship is all about – sharing and swapping information. It deepens friendships and it can also raise their self-esteem – having others compliment on what they are able to do.

Share your passion

Being good at something normally goes said by side with passion and passion is infectious. When you talk about something you love other people want to be a part of it. For example, if your child loves playing the piano their friends may ask them to play for them. The friends may enjoy listening to your child or they may want them to teach them how to play. How great would that be?

Don’t let your child be afraid to share what they are good at. So long as they do it subtly there is no reason for animosity and jealousy will only come from those who are not such good friends.


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