Children Showing Love to Others

Showing love to others may come naturally to some children but not for others. Just like anything else displaying love is something that may need to be taught or nurtured. That will all depend on the experiences your child has in their life and the interactions they have had with caregivers etc. In terms of us, as parents, we hope and know that our children love us.  They may not often show it. Why? Well maybe they are not that kind of person or maybe they have not been shown how to love another person. If you are unsure if your child knows have a ‘how do we show love to others?’ conversation. Ask your child ‘how do you know when someone loves you?’ and get them to list all the ways they can think of. They will probably say giving hugs, kisses or giving presents, but there are so many more ways than that.

Ways Children Can Be Showing Love

Your child can show their family they love them by;

  • spending time with them and enjoying spending time with them
  • helping them with a chore as it shows kindness too
  • doing something for them that is kind and thoughtful
  • giving them hugs and kisses
  • making them something which shows you have thought of them

And they can show their friends they love them by;

  • playing with them
  • sharing with them
  • making them a gift
  • being thoughtful and considerate
  • listening to them
  • respecting them.

Ask them if they already using some of these ways with their family and friends? If not, could they try them out to see how it goes.

Finally, does your child know how it can make others feel when they show love? It makes them feel safe, warm, secure and happy – a great feeling to create in other people!

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