Teaching life skills, kindness

Who doesn’t want to help their child to develop the life skills they need to be the best they can be? Parenting can be tricky and sometimes we need help and ideas to change a situation we find ourselves in with our children. We might not know the right approach to take.

We can also find it difficult to teach the life skills as sometimes it can take a little bit longer than we expect for those skills to sink in.

What Life Skills Should Children Have?

We want our children to be:

There are so many life skills to teach and I find parenting books are invaluable in teaching these skills, especially those with a more creative slant.

Books for Parents

I came across this wonderful trio of books which I love by author Becky Goddard-Hill. Here is the link to one of them all about kindness but you can find the other two books nearby. Create your Own Kindness: Activities to Encourage Children to Be Caring and Kind.

All three books encourage children to take part in activities to reinforce kindness, calmness, and happiness as well as giving parents ideas of how they can help their children have these valuable life skills. If you have not already seen Becky’s books pop over to Amazon. They’re great and I highly recommend them.

The Parent'sToolkit by The Kids Coach, Naomi Richards - Book Cover

The Parent’s Toolkit

Help your child to successfully navigate childhood problems and grow into a happy, confident and resilient young adult.