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It is very easy to spoil your child and give into what they want. It is very easy to let them behave in a way that is not good for you, the parent, but is good for the child. This spoilt behaviour in children can become a habit and needs to be broken – unless you are happy with the way your child is behaving. Only you, as the responsible adult, can take action and break the habit. It is possible for a child to go from displaying spoilt behaviour to considering others.  They can also move on from asking for everything they want and learning to respect the word ‘no’.  It will mean hard work from you though.

Ways To Curb The Spoilt Behaviour In Children

  1. You can stop giving them material things when they beg for something from the supermarket or store. If you know they are going to want to buy something, agree to it then attach a budget or suggest that they take some money with them, so that you don’t have to spend yours.
  2. Sit down with your child and talk to them about introducing chores that you would like them to do on a daily or weekly basis. Get them to commit to doing them without monetary reward.
  3. Encourage them to share their belongings and be generous with their things.
  4. Ask children to help with some of your chores. Choose the chores you know they are capable of helping with and get them to do so on an ad-hoc basis.
  5. Take your focus away from your child and do not ask them what they want and what they need all the time. You will not get the answers you are looking for. Instead suggest that if they are hungry or thirsty they can help themselves.  They know where the kitchen is and should be able to fix themselves something or take a snack from the cupboard.
  6. Don’t let your children win all the time. Try these tips and see how you get on. They may not work immediately so keep going and don’t give up. No one likes a selfish and spoilt child, so help them to see how their behaviour effects them and how they can change it.

Raising a child is not easy. If you would like some fee help download my top 25 parenting tips.