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I don’t know why but my mind feels that at some stage we will all get Covid-19. No matter how careful we are or the precautions we take, I still think we will get it eventually. The virus may be debilitating or the symptoms mild. We could even by asymptomatic and not even know we have had it. If your children catch it, they need to be very careful about what they say in terms of where they think it may have come from. They shouldn’t point the finger at anyone they suspect has passed it onto them. They may never be sure where they got Covid-19 from, but it’s not helpful to blame people who were not well when they last saw them and have now tested positive. Maybe they caught it from them, maybe they didn’t. Spreading Covid happens but we don’t really know how.


Children cannot blame or stigmatise someone because they think they gave  them Covid and its certainly not okay to be talking about the person and slating them for it when they have no proof they gave it to them. Who cares where the got it from? They have Covid now and they have to focus on getting better. Parents often talk about not playing the blame game when children/siblings are in the middle of a ‘they did this, it was not my fault, it was theirs’, kind of scenario and the same applies here.

Be clear to your children that they should not blame another child for getting it. It’s not that child’s fault as they could have got it from anywhere. If  they are mean about the person who they think gave it to them it may affect that persons mental health, their friendships and they may be part of gossip or teasing. It is better if they say nothing unless it’s for practical reasons like telling those they have been in close contact with. Spreading Covid is inevitable so please don’t allow your child to play the blame game.