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No one likes a show-off. No one wants to hear their friend bragging about how wonderful and amazing they are (the friend is talking about themselves!). And they definitely don’t want to hear how that friend thinks they are far superior to others in their friendship group. It can make other peers feel that they are not good enough, clever enough and they may feel like their friend is putting them down.

A child who is showing off needs to stop as they may not be aware of what they are doing. They may have been taught at home to be proud of their achievements and share them vocally with other people. They may also have been told that others will be proud of what they have accomplished if they tell them. You and I both know that this is not going to be the case for all their friends. Of course, some of their friends may not mind them sharing their good grades or what they got for their birthday but others may feel jealous, not welcome the bragging or not want to be their friend.

If your child tends to show off you can help them tame down their ‘achievements/attributes‘ by telling them that it won’t win them friends only enemies. You can;

Help Children To Stop Showing Off By…

1. Encourage them to share their achievements with you at home and not whilst walking out of the playground.

2. Being more modest in the playground when others are talking about what they have and what they achieved.

3. Playing down their success with friends especially those who do not feel good about themselves/do not have the same kind of lifestyle/struggle with work.

4. Encouraging them to ask others about their achievements etc without mentioning their own.

Being modest is a great life skill. No one likes a bragger or a show off so teach your child not to brag! You will be doing them a big favour in the long-term.


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