'Take a Break' written on a blackboard

Parents love it when their children are committed to an after-school activity. It shows us their passion, the willingness to do something outside of the home, the confidence to try something new and meet new people. Hobbies and interests are really important for our children to grow as they develop new skills and seek enjoyment from that interest. After-school activities are brilliant and I encourage all children to take part in some.

Whilst there are many benefits of group activities, sometimes that interest can wane and our children decide they don’t want to do the activity as much. Gradually it moves from a weekly activity to every other week and then once a month and then not wanting to go at all. They may have grown bored, can’t be bothered or no longer think it is for them.

Should parents make them continue doing it or just let them give up? There is also a third option, which is to take a break from that activity for a while.

The Benefits of Taking A Break from After-School Activities

Would taking a break change the way your child thinks about the activity? Would they miss doing it?

In many cases, I think most children would. I think they would miss the friends they made, the camaraderie (if it was a team sport) and the enjoyment of doing that said thing. I believe a break from an activity can refuel their passion. I have seen it with my youngest child who stopped playing rugby (he has been playing for 6 years) for a couple of months and then returned. He could not believe how pleased he was to be back. His friends really missed him and it boosted his self-esteem and confidence. He realised he was an asset to the team and is back training with them all again. It was great to see.

Go Back Refreshed

In all areas of life, it is sometimes good to take a break and then go back to something. It’s not giving up, it’s re-evaluating. It can refresh us, give us a new lease of life and we can enjoy getting stuck in again. I guess you miss what you had.  So, if your child needs a break from after-school activities let them take one and let them know you’re willing to take them back as soon as they feel rested and ready.

If your child won’t try new activities because they are worried they aren’t going to be good at them or don’t feel confident being in new situations then please get in touch with me about life coaching for children as they may need a few strategies to make that step and try them out.