Keep Calm, Controlling their behaviour

Children don’t always see things the way that they really are. If another child is mean to them, they think that how they respond and their behaviour is justified. They think it is okay for them to get annoyed or angry because they were treated a certain way. Of course, they are entitled to behave in whatever way they think is right at the same time as they take control of their behaviour. Behaving as they like will not win them friends, and the perception of them by others may not always be good. But children may feel justified in getting annoyed when somebody is rude.

Children Must Take Control Of Their Behaviour

How children interact and respond with their peers will affect how they feel about themselves. So, why not take control and change how they respond?

  • Children need to take control of their behaviour and their words with others. They don’t have to get angry – they can choose to try and stay calm.
  • They need to be responsible for how they say something and what they say. Responding rudely or angrily means they are getting pulled into the drama and probably escalating the situation.
  • They will never be responsible for another person’s words or behaviour. Teach them to not to take things other people say too personally – sometimes, what they say is more about them than the person they are directing it to.
  • If you find your child getting frustrated with everyone because they aren’t behaving in the way that they would like them to, then teach them this. People do things in their own way and we can’t control that. Learn to deal with that rather than getting frustrated.
  • Help your child to be less annoyed and angry and teach them to be more relaxed and easygoing.

Talk about all these points with your children. If they are struggling, they may find their peers will like and want to be with them more when they’re calmer and less reactionary. Even if they are ‘justified’ to be annoyed, they can learn to respond calmly to rudeness and stop it from causing an argument.

For more help for parents see this blog. Alternatively please give me a call and we can chat about getting the behaviour you would like from your child.