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In the playground and at home, children need to have negotiation skills. They need to be able to put their point across and then be able to discuss what they need or what they want. If they don’t they will either end up arguing with the person they should be negotiating with or they will be possibly unhappy giving in to others needs and wants. If we teach children negotiation skills they can make themselves and others happy.

Negotiation is important when:

  • Children want to play different games in the playground
  • They don’t want to watch the same thing on TV as their sibling
  • Don’t want to switch off their console and come in for dinner
  • They want a snack and they had one an hour ago

I know many children who are amazing negotiators and do well with getting what they wanted as well as the other person being happy with what they delivered or agreed on. They are able to put their point across well and explain to their friend or parent what they will compromise on. Some children are not so will need some help.

Ways To Teach Children Negotiation Skills

  1. We can ask our children to write down several different ways of how they can have what they want and how parents can also get what we want. They can then have a list to share with you so there could be several outcomes of win-win.
  2. When they come to us with a request or demand discuss it with them without arguing.
  3. We can stick to our guns on the decision we have made and listen to their point of view. What would they like to happen instead? What do they want you to do? How can they meet you half way?

Share these negotiating tips with your children as it will make a difference to family communications and is a much needed life skill.

If you would like more information on helping your child with other essential life skills have a look at The Parent’s Toolkit.


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