Do Not Disturb Sign

When children get to certain age they want to be more private and have their personal space respected. They don’t want to be interrupted when they have friends in their bedroom or when they are just wanting some quiet time to themselves. Children need uninterrupted time where they can just be themselves enjoying the company of others or their own space away from the rest of the family. We need to give children this time that means implementing some house rules. We need to be teaching children about privacy so they have privacy at home and so do the rest of the family. Everyone is entitled to some.

Teaching Children About Privacy And Rules

Children could have a rule that parents need to knock before entering their bedroom or have a sign that reminds people to knock. They could have a sign that on one side says ‘come in’ and on the other that says ‘keep out!’ so you know when is a good time to enter, and when is not so good. It will empower your children as they will have control over who enters their room and when, and will also keep smaller siblings out. It can limit the amount of arguments within your home as many younger children will think it’s okay to barge into older siblings rooms and take whatever they like or interrupt them when they are busy working.

Children also need to respect your privacy. When you are on the telephone, getting changed or are in the bathroom. These are situations when most of us want to be left alone. Talk to them about the level of privacy that you want.

Respecting others privacy is not just relevant to home and bedrooms but also when your children’s friends, peers or you are having a private conversation particularly when they are on the phone. Children need to leave others alone to talk and not interrupt.

Finally, privacy is also important in changing rooms and at sleepovers. Not all their friends will feel comfortable changing in front of them or your child may be the one that wants privacy. Teach them to communicate to each other what they feel comfortable doing so that everyone’s wishes are granted.

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