Teenager Girl looking down

Social skills do not come naturally to all children but they are important skills to learn. For example, children need to know when they can talk and when they should listen. They should be made aware of other’s personal space and know how to use their manners and be considerate to other people needs and wants. These are skills that as parents, we have to teach our children from an early age.

What Social Skills Should Children Have?

Teaching social skills to children is important as it will help them to build friendships and gain respect. This, in turn, can help with their self-esteem as they find it easier to be accepted by others. For example, standing a certain distance from their peers whilst talking is important. You don’t want your child overcrowding someone so they feel they can’t breath. Recognising humour is also important in friendships as you want your child to recognise a joke when they hear one or not to think that people are laughing at them. It is also important that we teach our children to say appropriate things when meeting new people and know how to act in certain situations such as going out for dinner, spending days out with other families etc.

Does your child have all the social skills that you would like them to have? Talk to them about how they feel in social situations and if they feel they are struggling with anything. Or perhaps you have noticed they are lacking in some social skills that you want to address with them. Identify the skills your child needs help with and give them tips and ideas so that they feel more confident in different social situations. If you still feel they need a bit of help then please do get in touch.

Having great social skills can help create awesome children.