The word honesty written in pebbles in sand

It can be hard, to be honest with ourselves and accept that we’re not perfect and have flaws. It can be the same for accepting certain situations in life. The situations can vary from issues in their friendship or peer group or problems at school. As a life coach for children, my experience is that some of the children I coach, struggle with this and can find it really hard to accept situations.

They don’t want to see/accept the situation that is in front of them because then they would have to change, and change requires effort. The children also don’t want to admit to themselves that life is not as rosy as their brain can tell them it is and they try and block it out.  Their logic is that if they don’t think or talk about it, then it isn’t really happening!

Helping Children to be Honest About Life

Adults need to teach children to be honest with themselves so that they can see situations for what they are, and face reality. So what are my tips to help them to do this?

  • We can help children see that everyone has challenges in life. It’s how we deal with them that’s important.
  • Help them to understand that no one is perfect. Everyone has problems – even the coolest kids!
  • Hiding from themselves or a situation does not make either better. Look at the situation or behaviour and talk about the realities o fit.
  • That there are solutions to every problem so discuss ways of dealing with issues. Help children to work out their own solutions and ways of dealing with things.
  • By being honest we are accepting who we are. We can admit our faults and see what behaviours are exacerbating a situation and which could help.
  • When we are honest others will see our vulnerabilities and that’s not always a bad thing. It can lead to deeper friendships and helps other people see them and their authenticity

We all have our faults or may be willing to put up with behaviours from others, that we should not. Let’s help our children see themselves and the world with open eyes so they can make the best choices for themselves.

Would you add anything else to my suggestions? Let me know below or via my social media channels.