Children sharing an umbrella

Sharing is such a great life skill  – teaching children to share. In fact it is one of the earliest skills we tend to teach them as it can help them get on better in the world if they are able to give a piece of either themselves, or something they have, to others. It builds relationships and when you share it shows other people that you acknowledge what they have and what they need. It helps develop compassion and understanding of friends and those they come into contact with. When children share something with someone they are saying, without words, ‘I know you are there’. That other child will be more likely to share with them.

Tips For Teaching Children To Share

  • You can teach your child to share by doing it yourself! Children imitate grown-ups and when you are generous they will want to be too. And when someone (whether it is your child or another person) shares with you, show them how happy it makes you feel that you have been thought about.
  • Children need to know how to express the gratitude that goes with sharing. Sometimes they don’t do this and the other person will be less reluctant to share next time. Saying thank you is all it takes.
  • It feels good to share mainly due to the joy the other person shows on receipt. Once your child is in the habit of sharing and seeing the happiness from the other person’s face they will want to continue to share.
  • Not sharing can be seen as mean and selfish. Chat to your child about the benefits of sharing and the feelings associated with it. Being a generous and sharing person can help with friendships and getting on in the world in general.Try these tips to help your child see that sharing is caring. There is joy to be had from the giver as well as the receiver! I’d love to know how you encourage your child to share and what the result are.

    If you need some help with getting your children to share and be more considerate of others please give me a call on 07961312749.