2 teenage girls playing a board game

Playing board games.. In a world of electronic gadgets and technology there is less inclination for children to want to play anything else. Screens are addictive and draw children in to repeat mundane behaviour in order to seek out a few kills and jewels. They are just there entertaining our children but can lead to our children’s minds going numb (maybe a slight exaggeration but there is some truth in this).What about an alternative? What about swapping the technology for real interaction and playing board games with the rest of the family or friends?

Why Choose Playing Board Games Over Tech?

Board games are wonderful and I encourage both my children to play them when they have friends over.  They are fun and can challenge children’s intellect and stretch their strategic mind. It’s all about what is going to happen next, what the other person is going to do and the impact of that on the overall game. They have to think rationally, analytically and strategically. They require focus and patience – many of the board games pre-teens and teens play can take an hour or so to complete.  Board games help keep children’s minds active in a good way and teach them about winning and losing. Not all online games do that as there are loop holes where children can always win.

Board games are fun to play and are more relaxing than playing on a screen.  They are great for the whole family as playing is a social activity. Screens tend to be individually used or with one other person. The interaction that comes with groups of people playing a board game is fruitful and can create a stronger bond.

If you have not played a board game with your family for a while then why not start again? After all, children often follow our example and if parents spend hours looking at their phone, their child will follow.  Show them how much fun playing board games can be.  There are so many benefits including being together, chatting and showing your children that you enjoy a good game and their company.

What are your favourite family board games? Do your kids enjoy playing? I’d love to hear from you – please pop a comment below this blog or via my social media channels.