2 Boys on a Roller Coaster

I was working with a child recently on friendships – they felt that if their friendships weren’t going well then the relationship isn’t working and they could no longer be friends. The child believed that friendships should be the same always and friends should be consistent every day. However, we all know that this is not true.

If a friendship is not going well then it may be to do with something one or both of the children is doing. It may be because the other child is having a bad day and is not responding well.  It could also be something your child has  done or said that the other child doesn’t like.  There are many things that can effect a friendship and how friends behave together.

The Ups and Downs of Friendship

I see friendships like roller coasters. They go up and they go down, experiencing good times and bad times. Our children need to be able to ride the roller coaster especially when they are good friends with someone. We have moods and feelings and so do our friends.

Friendships will never be perfect and if a friendship is going through a rocky patch teach your child to hang in there – be patient and continue to make an effort. The friendship may be on a downward slope at the moment but it may start to ascend to the point where your child is content again.

Friendships are there for both the good times and the tricky times. Teach your child this as it’s important – making it through good and bad times is what makes a strong, long-lasting friendship.