Thoughtful ChildrenIt’s nice to see your children displaying those traits that you have been nurturing. You know the ones like being polite, respecting others, listening, being considerate etc. There are so many of them. One of those traits we want our children to have is to be thoughtful. We want them to share their possessions selflessly, think of others and give without needing to receive.

So how can we encourage children to do all three and not resent what we expect of them? Well we can do a multitude of things…

Teaching Children to be Thoughtful

We can model the behaviour we want to see in our children ourselves.

We can provide them with opportunities to serve others such as getting them to do something for the community and let them experience how good it feels to do something for someone else.

We can give them the responsibility of looking after a pet.

We can suggest that they use birthdays as an opportunity to donate old toys or unwanted gifts to charity.

We can give our children chores so that they can see that families have to work as part of a team and that everyone will benefit from the work they do rather than just them.

What methods have you used so your child thinks of others?


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