Parents and child wrapping Christmas gifts

“Christmas time… Mistletoe and Wine…” Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I down tools for two weeks and enjoy being with my family and relaxing. Just spending time together. It is my time to recharge my batteries and start planning (in my head only) what the next year will look like.

Christmas is about family time for many but it has become very commercial with the real meaning of Christmas lost in some families. I love receiving and giving presents, but now we tend to give our children money and they choose what they want and that is all we do. We will, however, be spending time together and doing things together as a family and that will be our gift to each other.

Giving to someone else is really important and something we need to teach our children to do. And that we don’t give to get something back. To give time to someone who needs someone to listen or to help them is a priceless gift. To give something to another without having to receive or want something in return is also part of the joy of Christmas and the holidays.


Maybe this Christmas you could use your time together to re-iterate your family values of giving.

  • Perhaps you could get your children to give something of themselves to a stranger or a friend.
  • They could give time to helping a neighbour, elderly relative or a charity.

They can also give in other ways. We used to bag up old clothes and toys that we no longer wanted after the holidays and gave them to a charity shop. So many people just throw good items away that could be used by someone else so why not take the time to look through what you have in the holidays and make a charity bag?

As well as presents we could also encourage our children to give in another way so that they see that Christmas isn’t just about receiving presents but also about giving to others. What opportunities are available for your family to give this Christmas time?