Trust in ChildrenDo you trust your kids? It is very tempting to spy on our children to check up on what they are doing. They go into their bedroom on their own and we assume they are up to no good. It is the same when their friends come over and they shut the door so you cannot go in. They then come downstairs for a snack and we start to get all busy and ask them what they are looking for. We want to know what they are going to play and what they have been doing. We are not putting trust in our children. We worry about what they are doing with their friend, the conversations they are having and if their friend is teaching them things we really did not want them to be taught. Why are we so paranoid?

Why Don’t You Trust Your Kids?

  • Is it because we want our children to remain innocent?
  • Is it because we feel like they should need us more?
  • Because they have already given us good reason!
  • Just don’t trust them.

If you have a good relationship with your child and they are willing and able to open up to you then perhaps you could trust them more. It is great that they are wanting to talk to you and share their live. There are a lot of children who won’t do this. Also, children want to be able to do their own thing and feel more independent as they go through the ranks of primary school so they want to be left alone and keep some things to themselves. So let’s stop watching over their every move and let them do their thing. And take a few deep breaths whilst they get on with their life.


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