Unsolicited Advice - childrenWe tend to interfere is our children’s lives and give them advice that is not always asked for, or the right advice that is going to help them with a problem. We do this because we think we know what is best for them.

However this is not always true. How do we know what is best for our children when it comes to their friendships and all that happens at school? They know their friends better than we do. They know what they will respond best to, what makes them tick, what makes them angry and what makes them happy. We don’t as we are not there.

Your child may also see the situation as being very different to how you would as a parent and what is often a big deal to them would be a minor issue for you. You may have chosen to just ignore a flippant comment whereas your child does not feel they are able to and wants to stand up for themselves.

So can we really give them advice?

All that we can do is listen…..to everything they say and discuss their problem with them if they want our help. And if they don’t, continue to listen and show empathy.

What do you think?


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net