Families - Playing Games to BondSome families have dinner together once a week, some do it every night. Some families go out on a Sunday morning and take a long walk together or go to church. Other families commit to watching a family television show on a Saturday night, or like me they have games night.

All the above help keep a family together and provide time for lengthy conversations, short talks and hopefully a bit of fun.

I love games night and think it is a fantastic way to have family time. No phones, no TV, just games. Not only that but you are teaching your children about taking turns – choosing the games themselves – and whilst playing them, about how to be a good winner and loser and how to follow rules. They also help children develop important social skills. There are lots of benefits to game playing.

If you fancy giving games night a go all you need to do is decide what night of the week games night is going to take place and get the buy in of the whole family. Then when the night comes around either decide on a game together or let the children choose. Some games like Cluedo can take an hour or so and work well with older children who don’t get bored. For younger children you may want to choose something shorter like a card game or Connect Four.

Give it a go and see how the whole family respond to it. It can then become part of your family routine and a ritual.


Image courtesy of podpad at FreeDigitalPhotos.net