boy playing video gamesAs a parent it can feel quite overwhelming when your son or daughter starts to play on consoles and computer based games. We did not have the technology to do so, so it can feel quite foreign to know how long we should let them play for. We don’t want them holed up in their bedroom playing video games for hours but then again we don’t want them to be starved on technology and gaming. Their friends are likely to be involved in gaming and as a form of social interaction we don’t really want to stop them. Some of the playground talk can be about what they are currently playing and how well they are doing at that said game. On the flip side we still want them to be doing outdoor activities, reading books and being active as we don’t want them glued to a screen. So how do we get our children to have more balance. It really is down to us as parents so decide how much is too much.

Video Games Can Be Beneficial

So how much is too much? A recent study has suggested that less than an hour is actually beneficial and that children who are gaming for less than this time are well adjusted. I think a little bit of everything in life can make you well adjusted and see no harm in an hour a day. I think it would be even better if your child was monitoring that hour so they stick to it! Please do have a read of the study – Children who play video games for less than an hour daily are better adjusted. I would have liked to learn more from the study as to what makes gaming so beneficial.

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