Celebration balloons

It feels like there isn’t that much to celebrate at the moment. Most of us have to see our friends outdoors, we can only be in a maximum group of six people, and hanging out with friends is just not the same as it was. It is not easy for families who want to maintain a social life and find ways to celebrate in lockdown. Social distancing is hard when it comes to birthdays and celebrations especially when it comes our children’s celebrations. Our children may have been planning and talking about what they wanted to do for months for their birthday, but now want to cancel their plans or big ideas as they can’t do what they wanted or ask the friends they planned to invite. It can be very disappointing for them, so what can parents do to help them feel a little happier and feel like they did something special?

I say carry on celebrating and help children find a way to do something. Life can be short and right now in the middle of gloom, we need to celebrate what we have, who we are or what we have achieved like a milestone or test. We can all still celebrate but just need to be a little more inventive on how we do it.

Parents Find Ways To Celebrate In Lockdown

  • Celebrating can be going to a restaurant (or getting a take away) with 5 friends and sitting outside
  • It can be a family meal with family members and anyone in your bubble
  • It can be ordering in or making a special cake, and/or decorating the kitchen with balloons.
  • Asking groups of friends to come and eat cake in your garden for a whole afternoon or doing an online party on zoom

Don’t let birthdays go by unnoticed. Talk to children about a range of ideas and find a few that they can do. There are many ways to celebrate in lockdown and it will help children to feel that things are a bit more ‘normal’.

Just like celebrating birthdays and big celebrations in lockdown is a challenge so will Christmas. Get some great ideas how you can make these holidays the best they could possibly be.