Girl looking thoughthul

We can only do what we can with the information we have. That is a rational thought process isn’t it?  Sometimes though we can get stuck in situations and cannot see the right thing to do instead of working with situations. Children, in particular, don’t know the right thing to do often. They will do something that is working against situations rather than with them and can make it worse – friendships can break up, people can say nasty things, they could get into more trouble, etc. It is important that children work with situations so that they can improve the children or make the best of them.

Children Working With Situations Is Best

Why do children work against situations? They don’t intend to but they think if they keep on doing what they did before it may work even if that means lots of grief and setbacks. The reality is that children need to take a step back and assess the situation thoroughly… what is happening right now? what do I think is really going on? who is feeling what? what can I do about it? why isn’t it working? what could I do differently?

Once they have all this information children can decide what they can do to make the situation better. Do they need to change their feelings towards it or is there anything they can do in terms of changing their actions? What result do they want? What is going to get the result they want? Taking a step back and thinking about the situation from a third party perspective can also help. If they were an outsider looking in what would they see and what would they change? When children look at things from a friends point of view it makes them more objective and it can change their perspective on things.

 Encourage your child to think about these things to help them learn how to work with situations rather than against them. It is a positive life lesson and skill to have.

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