I will be running two secondary school transition workshop on 2nd September at 10am – 11.15am and on 3rd September 10am – 11.15am. Each workshop will address any worries and stresses your child has. Both workshops will be interactive, fun and will provide tools for children to use for their next school experience. The workshops will be on Skype and cost £40 per child. This is only for children going into year 7. To book a place for your child please email me at naomi@thekidscoach.org.uk.

Workshops for Children in Schools

I devise and facilitate tailor made workshops for children in schools. These are on a wide variety of subjects including you can be whoever you want to be, social media and friendships, self-esteem and the importance of learning.

Being Me (And Loving It) Workshop

This workshop can be an hour or 90 minutes long and is based around my second book, of the same name. The workshop focuses on one or two of the issues addressed in the book as chosen by the school. They are tailor-made to suit the classes needs and they encompass story-telling and fun and interactive creative activities for the children to really understand the issues addressed.

A Secondary School Transition Workshop

This school workshop is for year six children who are making the move from primary to secondary school. It provides children with as much information about secondary school as possible and it is a great platform for children to address and allay any fears they have about making the transition.

Every aspect of change that secondary school brings is discussed from making new friends to getting lost and homework to new teachers. We also discuss social media so children know what they should and should not be using it for – imperative if a child has not yet been using facebook, instagram, Snapchat etc. The workshop is very interactive, fun and supportive and the children leave the workshop realising that moving to a new school is not as daunting as it seems.

A Friendship and Communication Workshop

This is a creative, interactive and supportive workshop which looks at how to forge good friendships and make them last. It addresses the dynamics of friendships and looks at non-verbal and verbal communication including how to communicate using social media. It also covers how we can make home life a happier place using effective communication skills.

A Self-esteem and Confidence Workshop

This workshop addresses how children feel about themselves in general and looks at ways of improving their self-image and their self-belief. It also looks at where children do not currently feel confidence and we work on this so they leave the workshop feeling six feet tall and able to do anything they put their mind to.

The workshops are of varying lengths dependent on requirement and I am able to cater for upto 50 children.

If you are interested in me running any of the above workshops in your school or are interested in me devising one just for your school please contact me on 07961312749 or send me an email naomi@thekidscoach.org.uk.

Workshop Feedback

“Thank you for participating in our Year 7 Focus day last month. The concepts and ideas you presented on managing friendships was well received. You covered the key topics that we identified with knowledge and relevant activities. The girls clearly gained reassurance about their changing friendships and improved in knowledge of strategies to manage them with more grace and wisdom.”  Royal Masonic School for girls.

“We wanted to our children to attend Naomi’s Effective Communication workshop, not for fixing any problem as such, but as a learning experience to enhance their way of thinking about communication issues.  Needless to say they came away from it invigorated and empowered with learning about alternative approaches, alternative solutions as well as a better understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Naomi’s expertise and empathy offers children a refreshing perspective that complements the role of parents, family and school.” Parent from Barnet

“I learnt how to solve my own problems and found it very useful.” Abi, 9 Years Old

“I feel strong and ready to start my new school.” Ella, 11 Years Old

I now know there are lots of ways to approach a problem and and will use these ways straight away.” Holly, 11 Years Old