Self-esteem book for childrenNot every child has a healthy self-esteem. For whatever reason they don’t feel good about themselves or their achievements and they can find it hard to get motivated and enthused about something new. Someone may have said something derogatory about them or criticised them. They feel that they just don’t fit in and therefore see themselves in a negative light. I have met at least a hundred children like this and I know that through my work their perception of themselves has changed. One of the activities I use with children is something called a ‘WOW’ board book. It was something I made up, drew on a piece of paper and got the children to do at home. There was nothing really tangible about it until now…..

I have finally made it into a proper product after realising how useful it could to be to many more children.

Using The ‘WOW’ Board Book Regularly Will Enable Children To:

  • have a healthy self-esteem and feel good
  • take pride in their abilities
  • handle problems well
  • recognize the good things that happen to them
  • start to talk more about their day with others (an added bonus for those children who never share their day)

Wow Board detail - The Kids Coach

It is self-explanatory, easy to use and helps children remember that life is not as bad it seems. Yes we have bad days but wonderful things do happen! So if you have a child with low self-esteem it is definitely worth trying out.

Read more details of how to use the WOW board  along with the benefits of such a simple tool. Read the stunning reviews so far from parents who have been using it with their children.

It is now available from ebay at a price of just £12.99 plus p+p and it is also on sale via Amazon.