The ‘WOW’ board – A unique self-esteem tool for kids

The ‘WOW’ board has been developed for children who need a self-esteem boost and start to focus on the positive things that happen in their life. All children should feel good about who they are, recognise and acknowledge their strengths and have a ‘can do’ attitude! Get your child to start their year feeling uber positive about their life.

Welcome to the ‘WOW’ board…..

Regular use of the ‘WOW’ board will help children to: 

  • develop a healthy self-esteem
  • take pride in their abilities
  • recognise the good things that happen to them
  • start to talk more about their day with their parents or guardians

So how does the ‘WOW’ board work?

At the end of the day before your child goes to bed encourage them to write down what was ‘Good’, what was ‘Great’ and what was ‘WOW’ about their day. ‘Good’ may be that they enjoyed their school lunch. ‘Great’ could be they managed to finish their homework and ‘WOW’ may be that they got house points for doing well at school. Your child can just enter something under ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ –  they don’t have to fill in all three boxes and if they had an okay day then can write across the boxes ‘It was okay’. They should not feel pressured to make something up or feel discouraged from not having something ‘WOW’ to happen to them every day.

Make the ‘WOW’ board a daily habit

Keep the ‘WOW’ board in their bedroom or in a family room – the best place would be  somewhere they will see the board every day before school and before they go to bed to remind them how well their day/week is going.

The ‘WOW’ board can be used as and when you feel your child needs it or they can use it as part of their daily life. A huge benefit is that your child is able to look back and remind themselves of the good things that have happened in previous weeks and see that life is not always against them.

What do Parents think about the ‘WOW’ board?

‘Using the WOW board has really boosted the way my son feels about life. He can see that good things happen to him’ – James’s dad, London

‘Hannah really loves filling in the board. It helps her remember what happened in her day’ – Keren, Herts

‘The WOW board has certainly improved the communication between us. I hear more now about her day than I ever have’ – Rachel, London

‘My daughter is starting to feel good about who is and is generally happier. I caught her smiling when she was looking back at the weeks she had filled in’ – Mrs B

Product Details

Costs £18.00 including postage and packaging.
There are six months of ‘WOW’ pages within the pack.


Please send an email to Naomi at and she will send you one out to you. Payment is by paypal. If you need shipping to outside UK, please contact The Kids Coach directly at

6 Responses to ‘WOW’ Board

  1. As I explain in presentations, the brain only pays attention to one thing at a time. So it is valuable to help young children focus on the positives in their life. This tool makes it much easier to get in the habit. Additionally, something I promote is helping children to learn to self evaluate, rather than become dependent on the opinion of others. The WOW board supports this as well. This certainly is something I will sharing with participants in brain development workshops!

  2. Deborah, thank you so much for your kind words. I feel that this product is more that a self-esteem tool. It will open up conversations children are not already having with their care-givers. We do need to help children to focus on the positive and yes – self-evaluate. Please share as much as you can as I know this will benefit many children and their families.

  3. Libby says:

    This looks great,can you contact me about us selling them please?

  4. Hi, this board looks great! A lovely way to build self esteem in children perhaps parents need one too to remind ourselves when we do something good 🙂 i will be sharing this with my parents!

  5. Naomi says:

    Libby – you should now have some…. looking forward to hearing about their success

  6. Naomi says:

    Thank you Melanie. I truly believe this could help so many children.

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