blackboard with the word No written on it

“Yes/ No/ Whatever”. Sound familiar?!

The one-word answers we sometimes get from our children don’t really give much information when you’re looking for a longer response. One perhaps that tells you what your child has been doing, how they feel, and their thoughts. Some parents would feel so lucky to get this information!

Then there are the short statements that are snappy and said in a slightly aggressive tone. Not only to their family but to everyone (including their friends). And it’s not because they are upset with them – it is just their manner. They are blunt and to the point and it can feel quite cutting.

These children haven’t really thought about how it makes the recipient feel when they are short and blunt to them. At best, it appears thoughtless. At worst, it can appear rude and disrespectful and may cause conflict.

What Can Parents Do When Bluntness is Causing Problems?

If your child is blunt, tell them how it makes others feel. They may feel disliked, that your child doesn’t have time for them, or doesn’t really want to talk to them.

Model what they do to others and get them to feel what it is like to be on the end of their bluntness. Is that how they want others to feel when they’re talking to them? If so, it will eventually have consequences.

Discuss ways they can tone it down. Can they use a friendlier tone of voice, or be a little kinder when listening to others?

Being blunt can push people away as it’s seen as being arrogant. Does your child want that? If not, then it is time for them to change.

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