About Naomi Richards – The Kids Life Coach

Naomi Richards The Kids Coach Profile shotHi, I am Naomi Richards and I am a life coach for kids. I empower children to solve problems for themselves and pass on the valuable skills they need for life.

I love being a coach for kids. I enjoy seeing the progress children make whilst they are working with me and seeing their confidence soar as we work together. It is so satisfying to see them implement new ideas, gain tools, change situations for the better and see them becoming happier, more relaxed children. I do this by showing them there is more than one way to solve a problem – there are lots! Some solutions are common sense and practical but many are innovative, creative and original. A subtle change to the way a child thinks or does can have a huge impact on their life.

I was the first life coach for children working in the UK and have been coaching since 2004. After starting a family, I wanted a change of career. Passionate about children, their growth, emotions and life skills I re-trained to be a life coach for kids. It is the perfect job for me. I am able to connect and work with a child quickly and help them make significant changes, which I love, and I get to use my strong creative problem-solving skills.

I work face to face and do Skype coaching internationally as a life coach for children. I also run tailor-made workshops for kids in schools, give talks and assemblies in primary and secondary schools on a whole host of topics and regularly add my thoughts on the world of children and parenting in the press and on Sky News. My business is based on referrals from parents, from Drs and organisations working with young people and I am  incredibly priviledged to work with aspirational young sportsmen to help with their mindset and confidence.

I am a motivational speaker for children and author of ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’ published by Random House and Being Me (And Loving It) published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing.

In 2013 – 2015 I ran several ‘BE’ conferences for girls aged 11-13 years (empowering and uplifting) and in 2015 I launched several products to help families, parents and children. I was also the Agony Aunt for Bliss magazine and have been a brand ambassador for several high street brands including Blistex and Dry Nites and more recently (Sept 2022) was involved in Marks and Spencer’s back to school campaign.

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