The Contributions board is a sticker chart with a difference! I developed it to encourage individual members of the family to help each other out more, work as a team and help them to appreciate the efforts of their ‘team members’. Children often don’t see what parents do for them but by using this visual board they will see that there is actually a lot of time and effort going on so they have a clean, tidy and organised home life.

Welcome to the ‘Contributions’ board…..

What does the Contribution Board Do?

The board helps children to see what is involved in running a house, it teaches them about taking responsibility and encourages them to share and think of others and others needs. It also encourages personal development, life skills and communication and can help with a child’s self-esteem and confidence as they see they are able to be helpful and be a valuable contribution to their family unit.

How Do You Use it?

Each member of the family chooses a coloured square time that is just for them and every time someone in the family does something that helps another person out in some way they choose the relevant sticker and place it on their coloured square. If there is no suitable sticker they write what they have done on their square. For example, there is no sticker for tying your brother’s shoes or turning off the TV when asked to so they would have to write that on the contribution board.

The Contribution Board - Inside Detail

Every member of the family does this for a whole week. At the end of the week the completed weekly page can become a discussion point over a family dinner to see who has done who has helped out and in what way. The family can celebrate working together as a team and continue to do the same for weeks to come. There is a fresh clean page for every week.

The board is a great motivator for children. It encourages them to join in and do things however, it is important to keep a lid on the competitive nature that it could bring. The Contributions Board is suppose to be fun with a serious undertone of commitment, team spirit and collaboration. Every family needs a great team!

Each board contains 280 stickers.

How to Buy The Contribution Board

£21.00 (including postage and packing)

Please send Naomi an email at to buy one. Payment is by paypal. For shipping outside of the UK please get in touch with Naomi.


What do Parents Think About the Contribution Board?

“These boards are a BRILLIANT IDEA! Do try them at home friends. We could all do with a little more help and the kids feel good when they have contributed too.”
Julia, Mum to two boys

“We have tried them too. Have to agree they are ACE!!”
Becky, Nottingham

“The Contribution board has really encouraged both my children (ages 6 and 10) in helping around the home and without me asking to help! From emptying the dishwasher through to keeping their bedrooms tidy, this equates to a very happy parent!”
Lauren, London.

“It is like having fairies in the house. My children are thinking more about what they need to do to help me and doing it.”
Lucy, Bucks

“It got a little competitive in the beginning but now the children are getting into good routines about thinking and doing things for the other family members.”
Mrs James, Northampton

“They are now making their own beds and emptying the dishwasher. My youngest son even wiped the table after breakfast without being asked. What more could I want?”
Katie P, Edinburgh