The Parent’s Toolkit

The-Parents-ToolkitThe Parent’s Toolkit was published in February 2012 by Vermillion, Random House.

I wrote it for parents to help their children successfully navigate childhood problems and grow up into happy, confident and resilient young adults.

The Parent’s Toolkit is aimed at parents with children aged 6+ and is divided into the most important and significant areas of a child’s life such as friendships, sibling relationships, secondary school transition, self-esteem, confidence etc. It is packed with real-life case studies taken from my coaching sessions and provides tools to help parents initiate conversations with their children and address any worries or issues that their child may be struggling with. It is packed with heaps of creative ideas for parents to help their children solve their problems and is written in a very down to earth way.

The book includes teaching children positive self-talk, simple problem-solving techniques, challenging negative thoughts, how to make and keep friends, how to raise self-esteem and to be confident etc. and gives parents specific advice as to how to hone their own listening and coaching skills.

I am proud to say that the book was in the top 10 for books for over a month at several Waterstone stores when it was released.

Where can I get ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’?

Buy it now from Amazon: The Parent’s Toolkit: Simple & Effective Ways to Help Your Child Be Their Best

Here are some of the book reviews I received …..

Newspaper / Magazine Reviews…

‘Junior’ Magazine say … Page Turner – Practical solutions to problems” You can view it here

‘The Sun’ say …Clear and to the point, this is a must-read for parents.” You can view it here

‘Jewish Chronicle’ … There is a great interview in the Jewish Chronicle about my book.

Radio Interviews and Podcasts …

1233 ABC Newcastle, Australia, Radio Interview
Understanding how best to help them children during tough or confronting times isn’t always obvious

Researching Reform, Podcast Interview
Researching Reform had the privilege of interviewing the UK’s Number One Kids Coach, Naomi Richards about her new book The Parent’s Toolkit . We read it, we loved it and we think you will too.

Amazon Reviews

There are 35 Amazon reviews of my book – most of which are 5*!

“User-friendly, practical advice from an expert in childhood coaching”

“This book has proved to be one of the most enlightening and encouraging books I’ve ever read”

You can read more reviews about The Parent’s Toolkit on Amazon here