WOW Board - Parenting Product

2016 – A New Year and change. Most of us vow to change something about ourselves when it comes to a new year. We hope that things will be different and are determined that they will not stay the same. We may hope that our children will change – maybe become more confident or have a healthier self-esteem. We may want our family life to be different – perhaps to be calmer or more organised. And in terms of our parenting we may want to change the way we parent –  shout less, be more in control of situations or put better routines in place.

I want to be able to help any family, parent or child who wants to make a positive change in their life. I want to be able to give them tools to feel better about their life, who they are, what they stand for and to see the success of change. And so to celebrate a New Year and change I have an offer for you all. In fact it is not such an offer as a January Sale bargain! I have seriously reduced the price of three of my most popular parenting products – namely the WOW Board for children, WOW Board for Grown-Ups and the Contribution Board.

For A Healthier Self-Esteem Use The ‘Wow’ Board

The WOW boards for children and Grown-ups are £8 instead of £12.99

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For An Easier Family Life

The Contribution Boards are just £10 instead of £14.99

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I am running this offer until 31st January 2016. To snap up any of these products at sale price go straight to Amazon to buy online

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There is always room for change. What we don’t often do is recognise the change. As a parent we can do this through using the grown-up WOW board. It will help you to record the positives about parenting and help keep you on track when it gets tough!

To record the change in family life the Contribution board works a treat. Get children to realise family life is a team effort and everyone needs to pull their weight for a happy family life.

To help children change their feelings about themselves the WOW board is perfect. It helps them to recognise the positives in their life and raise their self-esteem.

Don’t miss out on this massive saving and the chance to turn your parenting/family life around in 2016! If you’ve already purchased these boards, I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review on ebay. Thank you and wishing you all a Happy New Year!