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As a mother of a 10 year old boy who struggles with anxiety and anger, your coaching approach and concepts have helped him more in a few short months than years of therapy. So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Mrs S, USA   

I wanted to thank you for the sessions that you had with S. She followed your advice to the letter and by doing this, can see a real difference in the way she handles situations and definitely her outlook. We have a different daughter, who is much more confident and settled at school as a result of talking to you. You have empowered and given her the tools that she needs to survive year 8 and beyond. We cannot thank you enough.

Mrs W   

"We've had some feedback from School to say that our sons confidence is really growing which is great - thank you."


"H is doing really well. She was set a target for improving her grade and she did it. The teacher was overjoyed at her improvement and couldn't praise her enough - she couldn't believe the transformation. Definitely a huge stride in the right direction. Many many thanks for the help and advice you gave her. She definitely seems to have taken it on board."


"My son is dealing better with the behaviour towards him and is feeling a lot more confident in himself. The suit of armour has really helped with that.
And the wow board really helps to focus on the positives too."

K, mum of 9 year old   

My sons behaviour over Christmas was fantastic. We've had some moments since but as you've said you're not looking for a perfect child and I have to say the connection between us is back to how it used to be. He's clearly happier. Thanks for your help.


"My son talks to me more and is happy to try new things. He enjoys school and was looking forward to going back yesterday."

Mum of 12 year old   

"My daughter seems to be more at ease……. she had a fantastic school trip…. And her changed group of friends appears to have been a success too. Thank you for helping, we are very pleased with how things are turning out."

Mrs B   

Naomi has guided our child practically and with discussion and through her help our child has gained their independence. This was a life-changing experience for our child and us the parents


I brought my six-year-old daughter to Naomi because she was having social difficulties at school. As well as building up her self-esteem, Naomi gave her the tools to better understand other children's behaviour and, crucially, to make her own choices in the playground. Now she tells me that her biggest problem in school is choosing which of her many friends to play with. Thank you, Naomi - we wholeheartedly recommend you.



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