boy looking lonely on bench

Sometimes our children are in situations that are going amazingly well and they are super happy. Life could not get better. But then the situation changes and starts to deteriorate. Our children never saw it coming and neither did we. When something is really good and then it deteriorates over time it can leave you feeling despondent and disappointed. For example, what happens when your child goes to a club and the teachers are lovely, kind and motivating but then something happens in those teacher’s lives that makes them grumpy and negative. The adults changing moods are causing them unhappiness. What can your child do? What can we do as parents? Should we allow our child to walk away from the situation or the activity they are doing? Or should we say something?

 Understanding Adults Changing Moods

As parents we sometimes have to highlight the negative changes of the people that are involved in our children’s lives so that:

1. They are aware of the effect it is having on our children.

2. So they can do something about it and allow them to change their negative into a positive again.

3. It is also really important that our children know that it is not their fault that their teachers have not been able to keep their negative feelings out of the club.

Sometimes they have to ride the storm and hope that things will get better. If they give it a couple of weeks or a month and it does not change then maybe it is time to vote with their feet. Negative attitudes rub off on children and it is important that their self-esteem is kept intact.

Only you can take stock of the situation and decide what (if anything) you can do to improve things for your child or remove them from the situation. Have you experienced this and what did you do about it? How did your child react? Please leave a comment below or via social media.