Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb, Guest Speaker

I am so excited to share with you that the BE Conference Event is travelling to Dublin! After two years here in London it is time to run it overseas and help as many girls aged 11-13 as we can. The date for the Dublin BE conference is 19th April and the format will be the same as London – a whole day of workshops for girls to learn more about friendships, body image, role models, social media and help raise their self-esteem. The chidlren will find the day enjoyable as they network and make new friends whilst being in a wide variety of creative sessions.

Sarah Webb  – an amazing and talented women’s and pre-teen/teen author is opening the Dublin BE conference and is set to give the girls some wonderful words of advice as well as sharing her personal story. In addition, the four women running the workshops all live in or around Dublin and have devised tailor-made content for the sessions. Sarah is incredibly talented and will inspire the crowd of girls attending.

The sessions are the same as they were in London and the day a similar duration.

Sessions At Dublin BE Conference Event

  • BE your own BFF
  • BE a role model
  • BE a good friend 
  • BE body confident

The Dublin BE conference starts at 9.30am (registration) and finishes at 4.00pm and is being held at The Law Society. I am sure those who live in Dublin are familiar with the venue and know that on Sundays it is secure and safe for the children.

Ticket Information

The cost is just e65 per child for an early bird and e80 for a normal ticket. The ticket price includes lunch, refreshments, the workshops and a fabulous goody bag. Not bad, eh? You can view the full itinerary and book here.