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In a world full of diverse personalities, it’s natural to encounter individuals who may not always treat you with kindness. Not everyone is going to get on with everyone and learning to deal with tricky people is important. You cannot allow them to take your confidence away and shy away from being near them.

For children, dealing with situations where they cannot avoid bullies or children who are unkind to them, can be particularly challenging. It’s essential for them to remember that nobody should be allowed to take away their confidence. Being confident around everyone is a good thing to be.

Being Confident Around Tricky People

Children need to realise that confidence is like a precious gem; once they possess it, hold onto it tightly. Do not let others take it away from them. The child’s uniqueness is what makes them special, and they should never let anyone make them feel otherwise. When faced with unkindness from others, be it at school, the playground, or even online, children should remain to stand tall and refuse to be pushed out or made to feel that they don’t belong.

The way others treat them is a reflection of their character, not theirs. They need to stay true to who they are and keep their head held high. They need to remain looking confident with their shoulders back and remaining to have eye contact with those they are engaging with and to continue the conversations they are having despite the ‘unkind’ people being nearby. They need to keep their body language and communication the same. If they go quiet and withdraw the ‘unkind’ people will notice and they will have won.

As they navigate through life,  every person they meet may have their own battles and insecurities and therefore may not like them and may be mean to them. However mean they are, it is important they do not take a child’s confidence. Teach them to embrace their confidence, keep their head up, and carry on being themselves.

If you would like some help with friendships , especially tricky people then take a look at The Parent’s Toolkit.

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