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We take some phrases for granted and naturally say them to our children. Other times we have to concentrate and make sure the right thing comes out of our mouth. When a child has lower self-esteem the latter is important as we want to encourage our children. The last thing we won’t to do is make them feel even worse about themselves. As a parent you have the power to boost your child’s self-esteem by using some simple phrases. I find myself saying the same self-esteem boosting phrases to my children over and over again. They seem to empower them to continue doing something unfamiliar or tat they are inexperienced at/still getting better at. They can help to make them feel valued and validated which gives them the boost they need to carry on.

Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem Using These Phrases

  1. You can do it’

    When a child hears this they know that you have every confidence that they are able to do that ‘thing’.  And if they feel that their parents know they can do it, children will try their hardest to do it for themselves. It will give them a sense of achievement once they have.

  2. ‘What do you think about?’

    When children are asked for their opinion they feel considered – you are asking them what they think and how they feel because you care about their thoughts and feelings.

  3. ‘What a great job you have done

    Effort needs to be recognised and children will be pleased that you noticed how hard they worked to do something. It will encourage them to work hard again and to keep doing their best.

  4. ‘Tell me about it’

    When your child has a bad day at school what better way than to show them that you are willing to listen to them vent. By making this statement you are telling them that you want to know what happened and that you are interested in them and their day/experience.

  5. You decide’

    All children need to know how to make a decision and decision making can be empowering. By allowing your child to make a choice they will feel in charge, responsible and that you trust them to make a good call.

I use at least one of these phrases every day. My children respond so well to them and they really do given them the self-esteem boost they need to get over their worries and fears about doing something/completing a task.

Do you use these phrases? If not, what phrases do you say regularly to boost your child’s self-esteem?

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