'Do the right thing' written on wooden blocks

I hope that adults all know what it is to do the right thing and do it. Children don’t always know to do the right thing and it is a skill they need to learn as they grow up and I don’t think it is something they just pick up without parents teaching them. Friendships and how to treat people are two areas where children need to know that they have done the right thing in the situation they are in. For example, if they are playing with a friend and see another friend standing nearby, they should know to invite them to join in (do the right thing) with them. If they invite that friend to join them and the person says they are fine and are happy being on their own they need to know that they have done all that they can. They asked them, they said no, and they can let them know if they change their mind they can join in later. They cannot make that person join in with them but that person knows that they can change their mind and join in later. Your child has made it clear to them. Children doing the right thing, such as in this example, makes them inclusive, friendly and kind.

Children Doing The Right Thing

If your child finds themselves in a similar situation talk to them about how we cannot include others who don’t want to be included. They need to leave them to their own devices and trust that if they want to play with them they will come and find them. They can let them know they are their friend by inviting them with a friendly tone and using words that are engaging and inviting. Your child needs to have confidence in themselves that they have made an effort and trust that their friend is okay. If not, they will tell them.

See my blog on friendships and how to handle other drama and situations that occur within friendships. Friendships are such a common issue and probably one of the biggest areas I coach. If you would like your child to benefit from some coaching please do get in touch.