confident kids, girls at beachThis is the kind of information that I normally put in my newsletter but I wanted to blog about it too as I think raising confident kids is super important. Confidence and self-esteem are the number one issues I work on with children in my private practice and I just cannot reach all those children that need help with confidence. That is why I am so pleased that I am continuing to work with DryNites to raise confident kids.

Raise Confident Kids Campaign

DryNites are passionate about helping children to feel great, just as much as I am, regardless of what is happening in their lives. In particular, those children who are experiencing stress and are unable to control what there is body is doing i.e. having accidents in the night. Accidents can make children feel low and think there is something wrong with them. It can make them feel incredibly self-conscious and bed wetting can stop them from having sleepovers at a time when all their friends are having them. What children need to realise is that they have little control over their body whilst they are feeling the stress. A two pronged approach can help – talk about the stress and find strategies to reduce it as well as help raise the confidence of the child. However, there are times when the hormone responsible for bladder control is not working or has not been secreting at a level to stop incontinence. A child cannot do anything about this but be patient and know that they will have dry nights in time.

I am really happy and proud that I am going to continue to raise the awareness of this campaign, and parents if you do feel that your child could use some help with their confidence pop over to the DryNites website where there is lots of great advice or please get in touch with me if your child could benefit from some one to one work.