Child reading book, creating great childrenThere is nothing like a clear ‘easy to read’ article that tells you how to raise the child you want. This article, How to Create More Awesome Kids is one of those as it talks about the qualities that we want in our children and how we can achieve them. I know that sounds like our children are a project but to some extent they are. The article is about raising great children and I would think most of us parents would want that.  Awesome may look differently to different parents, but essentially the skills mentioned are ones we want our children to have.

Parenting Awesome Children

I have to agree with the writer, Dr Coulson especially when he mentions the word ‘yet’. The word ‘yet’ is so powerful for a child when they are trying something for the first time or have tried a couple of times but still not feel they have mastered a skill. We should use it more often with our children so they realise that we don’t just attempt something and be great at it. It takes time and persistence. If you are not using this word then place it into your parenting dictionary.

Another part of the article I love is about connection. When we have children who feel safe and secure they are more likely to be more confident and take risks. Without risks our children will not reach their potential. We need to work on the connection we have with our children so that they are able to branch out on their own and be their best. When trying new things they may not even need you to say ‘yet’.

We want our kids to be the best they can be and by teaching them ways they can be better than they are at present this is progressive and heading in the right direction. We would love other parents comment on the nature of our children so yes, parents that means putting in the hard work to get the kids you love and respect.

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