Encouraging Children to be IndependentWe want our children to be independent and not rely on us so much as they get older. Some of us can find this difficult to do as we like to control situations and do things for our children – as it can be quicker and easier for us parents. This, however, does not help their personal growth and they will rely on us for much longer than they should.

Think about the future and them organising their own social life, clearing their socks off their bedroom floor and them making their own snack when they come home from school. Now think about what you can do to make this a reality.

Here are five ways you can encourage your child to be independent:

  1. Don’t jump in when they are trying to figure something out. Perhaps they are struggling with putting a plate in the dishwasher or making their bed. Let them keep trying so they figure out the best approach that is acceptable to you both.
  2. When they are trying something new (or something they have not yet mastered), watch over them and encourage them to keep trying. Don’t direct them unless they want you too.
  3. Wait for them to ask for your help rather than offering it. They may have it sussed or feel they need a bit more time.
  4. Use positive language when they make their own plans or do something well that did not need you.
  5. Say yes more if the request is agreeable.

What else would you add?


Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net